Elafiti Islands

Only some people who visit Croatia's beautiful Adriatic coast know that the country has its own archipelago, complete with pristine beaches and crystal clear water.

Located just outside Dubrovnik, the Elaphite Islands (also spelt Elaphiti) cover more than 30 square kilometres. Sipan, Lopud, and Koločep stand out as the most populous and significant among the thirteen islands that make up the archipelago.

Šipan is the most remote and significant island in the chain and is home to two permanent human populations. Lopud is located between two other major islands. It may be the second-largest island, but its tourism industry is highly developed, and its beaches are among the best in the Adriatic. Koločep is the nearest settlement to Dubrovnik and was historically significant as a shipbuilding hub when the ships were still made of wooden hulls.

There are still uninhabited islands in the archipelago. For an additional sense of tranquillity, the islands have a zero-traffic policy. They are, therefore, free of any cars and the noise that comes with them. The islands remain an undiscovered gem in the world of tourism. 

Cruises to Elafiti Islands