Frequently Asked Questions below are basic answers to some common questions. This website's General Information and Terms and Conditions pages contain further details about our cruises for a more comprehensive reference. And, of course, you should always contact Belmondo Travel to speak with a helpful sales adviser.

Small ships are unique and different compared to big ocean-going vessels. They are large enough to be relevant but small enough to navigate their small ports. They offer a more personal experience with a crew that values your views and opinions, and the itineraries always showcase the location's culture, history, and personalities. Each vessel has less than 40 guests, so you receive personal service and attention that large cruise ships can't match. Many of these ships can navigate narrow waterways, medieval cities, and ports, allowing you to explore without crowds.

Small Ship Cruising is all about the destinations, which means on a typical day, the vessel sets sail after breakfast and includes a stop in the morning for a swim. Lunch is typically served in the ship's restaurant from 1 pm to 2 pm. There are often additional swim stops in the afternoon before the ship arrives back in port. Once ashore, the guests will typically depart for a guided tour. The guided tours usually last 90-120 minutes before guests return to the ship. As the small ships dock directly in the Old ports, they can get on and off at any time they want

The best time for Croatia cruises is in May or September. That is because the places along the coast are relatively quiet, all shops and restaurants are open, and the cruise prices are slightly lower during these periods.

Depending on the size, most ships have between 5 and 7 crew: the captain, chef, couple of wait staff, chambermaid and two sailors.

While the differences will depend on your ship, a cabin on an upper deck is typically larger and brighter with picture windows. While lower deck cabins have portholes, offer more privacy, and are quieter and more spacious.

The majority of cruises include half-board accommodation. That means two meals a day are usually provided, mostly breakfast and lunch on cruises. On a cruise, meals are usually listed on the daily itinerary so that you will know exactly which meals are included. The cruise manager may change some lunches or dinners so that you can enjoy a wonderful gourmet experience, such as a Welcome Dinner or Captain's Dinner. Lunches are served three-course, often including soup, pasta, seafood or meat, and a salad. Dinners included on your trip will be similar to lunches. For the rest of your meals, you will dine anywhere you choose on shore and are responsible for the cost of those meals. Your cruise manager will be happy to recommend a good-value restaurant nearby at every location; you can explore on your own! Please note that different cruise categories include various levels of catering services, so inclusions can vary from those listed here. Please check your specific cruise info carefully.

Guests are kindly asked to inform us as soon as possible (at least 60 days in advance) of any dietary preferences, such as diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. The cruise team will make reasonable efforts to accommodate special dietary requests. However, it is important that you inform the cruise manager at the time of booking and throughout your journey. Cruise vacations are often very busy, and there may be times when the chef has not been instructed on special dietary needs, so check with them before ordering a meal.

Ships operate a bar in the salon with regular opening hours, usually 7 am – 11 pm. You will find a wide selection of soft and warm drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate), bottled water, local quality wines, and local draft beers to sip while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Tipping in Croatia is customary but not compulsory. Service staff aboard cruises will welcome tips, including cruise managers, boat crew and local guides (if used). Envelopes may be left in your cabin on the last day so that you can leave your tip anonymously or hand it to the staff. We recommend the following amounts as a guideline, should you think the service has been up to standard (rates shown are per person, per day): Cruise Manage approx. 5-7 €, Boat Crew approx. 2-4 € (collectively), Local Guides approx. 2-4 €.

All cruise cabins have at least 1 or 2 power points (2 round pins plug required). The electrical current on board is European at 220 volts. Plugs in cabins have two round pins of 4.8 mm in diameter. If you need to use a particular appliance, such as a shaver or battery charger, make sure to bring along two things: the universal transformer and universal adapter plugs.

There are laundry facilities in the main ports, such as Split, Hvar, Korčula, and Dubrovnik, if you need them, though they take a few hours.

The dress code on all cruises is relaxed but always casual. You can generally store two large cases under your bed, but if they do not fit, they can be stored in the ship's hold. So we recommend wearing a swimsuit, shorts, summer dresses and a few T-shirts. You may also wish to bring clothes for cooler evenings (e.g., a windbreaker or light jacket). There is no formal dress code for any of our included dinners, even on Deluxe cruises. All passengers are expected to be reasonably covered at mealtimes in the restaurant onboard, so please keep this in mind at breakfast and lunch. Wearing a bikini top or just a pair of shorts isn't acceptable at mealtimes.

The number of other passengers that may be on board with you will depend on the size of the ship you're cruising on and can vary from 30 to 40.

There is usually an international mix of guests from all over the world on board – Scandinavia, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Spain, and Italy … It will be a great way to meet people from across the world and make new and long-lasting friendships! Most of the Deluxe cruises will be for mature couples, solo travellers and small groups of friends/family. Most passengers on these higher standard cruises will be 35-70yrs. Some Deluxe cruises don't allow children at all. Some do, but there is no guarantee there will be other families onboard with children around the same age. It is a possibility you will end up as the only family onboard a Deluxe cruise.

Whilst most of Croatia still allows smoking in almost all outdoor areas, the cruise ships have allocated certain areas as "smoking areas", and smoking is not permitted in cabins, restaurants, outdoor salons, or on the sundeck. The smoking section is usually at the back of the ship on the Main Deck near the swimming platform. We ask that clients refrain from smoking here whilst other guests use the swimming platform out of courtesy. Some ships have more than one smoking area; please check with the crew.