Vodice means "springs of water," The town was founded around several ancient wells. Water from these springs was exported from Vodice until the late 19th century. Two ancient wells, which have been meticulously preserved, now stand in the town square as monuments to the town's long-standing customs.

Explore the city's historic core on foot, where you can find two ancient churches and several archaeological sites. As early as 1402, construction began on a modest church dedicated to St. Cross. In 1421, when it also served as a parish church, it was dedicated to St. Cross and surrounded by a cemetery. This Gothic-style church is a prime example of the traditional rural sacral architecture of the Croatian coast.

Modern Vodice is a popular destination because it offers many exciting experiences. Scuba diving facilities in Vodice will ensure you see the Adriatic Sea's natural wonders and historic shipwrecks. Big Game Fishing trips are offered out of Vodice on the boats "Bakul" and "Loly" for serious anglers. Tuna, swordfish, sharks, yellow tails, etc., are the most sought-after catches in Big Game Fishing. You can go horseback riding at the Pegasus Equestrian Club, located in Brodarica, 20 kilometres from Vodice. Vodice also features kilometres of varying bike trails designed for riders of all abilities. Those looking for a leisurely ride can opt for the flatter sections of the trail. At the same time, more serious cyclists can challenge themselves on the steeper inclines. Every single trail can be easily identified. 

Vodice serves as a departure point for a wide variety of trips. The three most popular boating excursions are Krka, NP Kornati, and a sailboat tour of the Vodice archipelago. Trips on chartered buses can take you to the national park of Plitvice Lakes as well as the historic cities of Split, Trogir, and Dubrovnik.

After a delicious meal at one of Vodice's renowned restaurants, you can relax to the soothing sounds of the Mediterranean, enjoy a romantic stroll along the sea, or check out one of the many cultural events and concerts happening in the town's historic core.

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