Budva is one of the most famous towns in Montenegro. It's a lively, bustling city that never sleeps, with new buildings and restaurants constantly popping up.

The Old Town of Budva is a place that is full of the history and culture of the past. The town is surrounded by high ramparts built for protection during the Turkish invasions. The ramparts are decorated with architecture that is predominantly Venetian in style. In the Old Town, you can find a Roman cemetery, an altar from ancient times, antique pylons, a pre-Christian basilica, and many churches. During the summer, there are literary evenings, concerts at Poet's Square, and exhibitions in the city gallery.

When you think of the Budva Riviera, what comes to mind?

Sandy beaches with white sand and turquoise water? Perhaps rocky shores with a few patches of grass and pebbles? Could the waves carve out stone coves over thousands of years? Budva has it all!

If you want to swim in clear blue water and enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains around you, visit Zastup Beach, in front of Budva town centre. Everything is available within walking distance, including bars and restaurants, to enjoy fresh seafood dishes.

Cruises to Budva