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The Adriatic Sea, with its sparkling waters and mesmerizing coastline, calls out travellers from all corners of the globe. Starting your cruise from the captivating city of Split is a choice you'll cherish.

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Embarking from Split: Prelude to Your Adriatic Adventure

If you arrive in Split a few days early, you'll have the chance to explore its storied streets and historic treasures. Walk through the gates of Diocletian's Palace, sip a coffee by the bustling Riva promenade, take in panoramic views from Marjan Hill, and feel the soft sands of Bačvice Beach underfoot. Extend your explorations to the nearby historical town of Trogir, or consider a short trip into Bosnia and Herzegovina, discovering Mostar's beauty, Medjugorje's spirituality, and the mesmerizing cascades of Kravica Waterfalls.

As you board one of our ten ships, each fitted with 20 comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, you're not just beginning a journey but embracing an adventure that captures the authentic flavour of the region. With around 20 unique routes, every day brings new horizons, enriched by half-board meals that resonate with local culinary traditions.

The strength of our cruises lies in the personal touch they offer. With ships designed for closer encounters, we journey into smaller ports, drop anchor in pristine bays for refreshing swims, and connect you intimately with the Adriatic's charm.

Your unforgettable journey begins in the heart of Split, just moments from its rich past, and promises a world of discovery.