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Sail away from the mesmerizing Adriatic gem, Dubrovnik, on a unique cruise adventure. Experience the Adriatic's beauty as you sail past historic landmarks and hidden bays.

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Dubrovnik: A Prelude to Your Voyage

Before you embark, lose yourself in the city cradled by ancient walls. Meander through its cobbled streets, embrace panoramic views atop the City Walls and dive deep into its past at the Rector's Palace. Take a short ferry to Lokrum Island, a paradise teeming with peacocks and botanical gardens for a touch of nature. For a vista that will steal your breath, ascend via the Mount Srđ Cable Car and witness Dubrovnik's splendour from the skies. And as the sun dips, savour the authentic flavours of Dalmatian cuisine at a local eatery.

For those arriving a few days earlier, the proximity of Dubrovnik to Montenegro provides an exciting opportunity for exploration. Embark on a day trip to explore its treasures, from the dramatic fjord views in Kotor the sun-kissed cityscapes of Budva, to the historical richness of Cetinje.

Our fleet, comprised of 10 luxurious small ships, offers around 20 cruises from Dubrovnik. These vessels promise intimacy with just 20 cabins, ensuring a serene voyage for a maximum of 40 passengers. Every ship is air-conditioned, outfitted with modern amenities, and offers half-board dining options, blending comfort with tradition.

Begin your journey from the port of Gruz, just 2 km from Dubrovnik's historic heart. With Belmondo Cruises, it's not just about the destination but the journey, the tales, and the tides of the timeless Adriatic.