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Set sail from the radiant shores of Opatija, Croatia's elegant jewel nestled at the foot of Ucka Mountain. Experience a unique voyage as you explore Opatija's legacy as a tourist destination with a history that elegantly intertwines with modern charms.

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Opatija: An Adriatic Blend of Past and Present

Begin your journey in the timeless resort town of Opatija. Uncover its illustrious past shaped at the turn of the twentieth century with every step, yet marvel at how it harmoniously merges with the contemporary spirit. Stroll along the shimmering 12-kilometre-long coastal promenade adorned with illuminations. Be captivated by well-tended gardens, opulent villas, and cafes echoing tales of yesteryears while modern-day shopping, events, and day-trip options await your attention. Whether seeking a lavish hotel for a grand event or a cosy stay for a family vacation, Opatija's offerings are diverse and inviting.

Key Attractions:

  • Be charmed by the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica), Opatija's emblem, flourishing in the iconic Angiolina Park, boasting flora from the Far East, South America, and Australia.
  • Dive deep into the city's history at the Croatian Museum of Tourism within the grand Villa Angiolina.
  • Hop on Opatija and Rijeka's open-top double-decker city tour for a breezy perspective.
  • Visit the historic town of Kastav atop a hill near Opatija/Matulji, a tapestry of taverns, bars, and cultural festivities during summer. Alternatively, soak in the ambience of the quaint fisherman's village of Volosko, a short stroll from Opatija's harbour.
  • Embark on your cruise from Opatija, and let Belmondo Cruises introduce you to the magic, the memories, and the myriad wonders of the Adriatic, one wave at a time.