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Set sail from Zadar, the oldest city in Croatia, and discover the Dalmatian coast's stunning beauty. Let Zadar's rich history and vibrant culture introduce you to the region as you approach.

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Zadar: Coastal Charm with a Historic Heart

Immerse yourself in the ancient allure of Zadar, a city whose white marble streets have witnessed countless stories. As you wander through Old Town Zadar, encircled by high city walls and grand gates, let the glistening paths guide you past intriguing ruins, engaging museums, bustling cafes, and inviting eateries.

With a rich tapestry that dates back to the 4th century, Zadar is a testament to Croatia's enduring spirit. Zadar caters to every traveller's taste, whether you're drawn by its Roman legacy, the melodies of the world's only sea organ, or the delectable seafood offerings. Nature lovers, history enthusiasts, or budget travellers, there's a piece of Zadar's heart waiting for everyone.

The famed Zadar promenade, known as the Riva, attracts with the promise of unparalleled sunsets. Here, not only can you witness nature's most spectacular light show, but you can also listen to the music of the sea. As the waves play on the steps of the sea organ, the unique sounds harmonize perfectly with the setting sun, creating an unforgettable experience.

With Belmondo Cruises, let Zadar's rich heritage and natural beauty become the backdrop of your next adventure. Like always, it's not just about the destination but the journey, the stories, and the timeless allure of the Adriatic.