Cres is a long hilly island, the second biggest island in Croatia. It is also one of the last habitats of a rare bird species, the griffon vulture. It is home to the freshwater lake of Vrana. The myth of Lake Vrana is that there is a castle under the water and that a rich sister would not give her poor sister money. She was punished by her castle being submerged under water. On windy days, you can still hear the bell ringing on top of the tower. 

Exploring the island, you will find many beautiful bays and beaches in the western and southern parts, contrasted with the rugged cliffs and rocks on the north and east.

Apart from its magnificent wonders of nature, the island of Cres also has an enviable historical and cultural heritage that can be seen firsthand. The pristine gems like the Blue Grotto sea cave and the beautiful Sveti Ivan (St John's) beach look like scenes from paradise.

Be sure to visit the town of Cres, the Tramuntana area, and the small towns of Beli, Lubenice, and Osor.

Cruises to Cres