Among the most stunning of Croatia's islands, this one was given the regal moniker "The Imperial Island" by the Romans. Because Lastovo served as a military base for the Yugoslavian Army up until 1989, it has never had a developed tourist industry. Because of this, the island has maintained much of its original forested beauty and secluded atmosphere.

That is a tranquil area. Lastovo, the largest settlement on the island, can be found in the interior. Ubli, the town where your ship will dock, is conveniently located near the island's other major destinations, including Lastovo, Hum (the island's highest peak), and Pasadur (a small coastal place not far from Ubli).

An unusual feature of this island is that its main town lies inland rather than on its coast. That is due to the numerous attempts by pirates throughout history to conquer the island, forcing its inhabitants into hiding.

We highly recommend that you travel to the town of Lastovo, characterised by its picturesque setting of old stone houses atop a slope.


  • For a nominal fee, visitors to Lastovo National Park can experience the island's pristine natural beauty.
  • You can take your mountain bike off the beaten path and put it to the test on various terrain. The locals have shops where you can rent scooters and mountain bikes.

Cruises to Lastovo