Bisevo Island

Bisevo Island is located close to Komiza, the town in a secluded bay on the western coast of the island of Vis. You can take fast boats there from even the most remote villages, and the half-day or full-day excursion will surely satisfy everyone.

The Modra Spilja ('Blue cave') in Bisevo is the town's most famous natural attraction. The cave's interior and the sea are a magical shade of silvery blue. The sun's rays, being the only ones to make it inside the cave, create stunning optical effects when they bounce off the water and back into the cave. It's reminiscent of the Capri Island cave in Italy but with far more intriguing features. When the sun is shining, and the sea is calm, particularly at midday, light from the sun shines through an underwater canal, reflects off the floor, and casts a blue light on the cave and a silvery glow on any objects floating in the water. Another cave on the island, named Medvidina Spilja ('Monk seals cave'), was once home to the endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

The island's breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, warm and welcoming locals, delicious Bisevo Plavac wine and other specialities will leave an unforgettable mark. You'll have to explore on your own to learn more about this beautiful island.

Cruises to Bisevo