The town of Komiža can be found in a secluded bay on the western coast of the island of Vis, just below the 620-meter-high mountain Hum. It's a picturesque fishing village in the Mediterranean, complete with winding streets and close-packed homes near the harbour and gorgeous beaches. It's also where fishing on the Adriatic Sea's eastern side began to flourish.

Even in the dead of winter, a visit to Komiza is comfortable, thanks to the region's mild Mediterranean climate. Along the entire eastern coast of the Bay of Komžia, you'll find gravel beaches that are crisscrossed by many freshwater springs.

The Fisherman's Museum, the only one in Croatia, is housed in a historic Venetian tower on the promenade and is a source of great pride for the people of Komiža as it features displays of classic fishing equipment. The same equipment made living possible for this community in the past.


  • Sports and adventure travellers have their pick of activities like parachute sailing, horseback riding, hiking, and scuba diving. There are twenty different spots around Vis where ships, planes, and submarines have found their last resting place at the bottom of the sea floor.
  • See the Fisherman's Museum and enjoy the music and drama performances during the Cultural Summer of Komiža while listening to folk klapa-songs at the local pubs.
  • There is no place in Croatia where you can get better octopus dishes than in one of the restaurants in Komiža.

Cruises to Komiza