In 1892, a decree issued by the Ministry of Health of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy designated the island of Losinj as a climatic health resort. That was made possible by Lošinj's favourable climate.

As quickly as possible, it rose to prominence as a well-liked vacation spot among the Austrian and Hungarian aristocracy, who subsequently established a large number of villas and summer residences on the island.

The Lošinj Archipelago is well-known for its temperate climate, rich biodiversity that consists of more than 1012 species of plants, pristine sea, the purest and freshest air, over two hundred sunny days per year, and last but not least, the friendly dolphins that you will no doubt see on your cruise.


  • The bottlenose dolphins which live in the waters between Cres and Losinj. These dolphins are one of the most studied populations in the Mediterranean today.
  • The Church of St. Martin was built in 1450 and located in the town cemetery, where the obituaries serve as a history lesson for the island of Lošinj.
  • The Lošinj Aromatic Garden is a nursery that is dedicated to the cultivation of local medicinal plants.
  • Visitors who are accompanied by an experienced guide have the opportunity to learn about the island's abundant flora and the therapeutic qualities of the local plants and purchase an authentic souvenir of the island.

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