Omiš is a beautiful town at the mouth of the Cetina River that exudes a genuine Mediterranean vibe. It lies between the two major tourist cities of Split and Makarska, making it the geographic centre of Dalmatia. This stretch of the Adriatic coast is unlike any other because of the river Cetina and its magnificent canyon carved into the impressive mountain massif at the gorgeous, one-kilometre-long sandy beach.

Omiš, populated since Roman times, developed into a mediaeval fortress. Many of the mediaeval city fortifications still stand, and you can see the influence of many different cultures in the buildings and artwork throughout the city.

Museum exhibits from the Omiš and nearby Poljica regions are housed in a Renaissance-style building close to the parish church in the town. It offers a vast array of regional archaeological, cultural, historical and ethnographic exhibits.


  • The Cetina River provides excellent whitewater for rafting, making it a popular tourist attraction. Spend three relaxing hours cruising through the pristine wilderness. Although the rapids on the Cetina River are not particularly challenging, the experience is thrilling, and the surrounding landscape is stunning.
  • Have fun at "Big Beach", a kilometre-long sandy stretch that the Cetina River carved out as it made its way to the sea. Make use of the accessible sports facilities located there and play a game of beach volleyball with your friends.
  • Take a stroll to the top of the town and visit the Mirabela fortress, built in the Middle Ages, to take in breathtaking views of the area.
  • Explore the narrow streets of the historic district to find numerous eateries, bistros, shops, and a vibrant market.

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