The Peljesac peninsula, which extends north of Dubrovnik toward Korčula, is that fantastic rare find, a Dalmatian hideaway without the crowds due to its long pebble beaches. In addition to being a haven for windsurfers and wine enthusiasts, the oysters and mussels in Peljesac are among the finest in Croatia. Pelješac, a former northern outpost of the Ragusa Republic (modern-day Dubrovnik), is home to Europe's longest fortification, the Walls of Ston.

Since antiquity, the Peljesac peninsula has been covered in vineyards, and winemaking has a rich history and is a primary industry. The people of the Peljesac peninsula provide an unforgettable experience of tradition and love through the wine roads, winery tours, and vineyards of Metohija, Boljenovici, Sparagovici, Putnikovic, and Dubrava.
The village of Zuljana, located in a sandy bay with western exposure, is a haven of peace and beauty halfway up the peninsula. They have been known worldwide since 1924 for their abundance of stunning sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and world-class scuba diving at enticing locations made possible by a network of local dive shops. Many authentic restaurants and rural homes allow customers to sample ethnic cuisines.

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