This stunning location was created from stone collected from a large cove to the north of Brac. Hand-crafted by local masons and artisans, it is a natural wonder not to be missed.

Nicely constructed stone homes provide the area's charm with paved white roofs. Stone masonry has always been a prominent part of Pucisca's culture. Every visitor is taken aback by the harmony and uniformity of the plebeian homes, Renaissance palaces, and Baroque structures constructed of Brac's white stone.

The city sits within the island's deep, retracted bay on the island's northern coast. The mainland can be reached via catamaran and ferry. The island's other villages, including Postira and Praznica, are easily accessible from Pucisca via excellent road connections.

The majority of the population works in agriculture, producing goods like olive oil, wine, cheese, and lamb in addition to stones for construction and building. Pucisca has seen a boom in visitors in recent years. Pucisca's bay is safe and tranquil, and its modern moorings have access to both electricity and fresh water, making it an ideal destination for boaters.

Numerous restaurants serving authentic Dalmatian cuisine, particularly lamb specialities, can be found in the area, as can beautiful beaches and scenic coves. The location is perfect for those who want water skiing, scuba diving, or cycling.

One of the most stunning bays on the island is located just a short distance from Pucisca, and it goes by the name "Luke." This bay is home to a gorgeous pebble beach and moorings for yachts and other pleasure boats.

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