The town of Rogoznica is a tranquil oasis, boasting stunning natural scenery and a pleasant vibe. This fishing village is located in the heart of Dalmatia, not far from the city of Sibenik. It is a well-known tourist destination for this very reason.

The earliest records of people living in this region date back to the fourth century B.C. Recently, archaeologists have uncovered shards of pottery, amphorae, ceramic tiles, coins, burial sites, grave monuments, and sarcophagi. Based on these artefacts, researchers have deduced that the local economy flourished during the Antiquity and Late Antiquity periods.

Take a stroll through the historic district's cobblestone streets and soak up the peaceful, picturesque atmosphere. The Church of the Assumption was built in the early 17th century and features a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Chapel, patroness of the Rogoznica people and the harbour since 1776.

Zmajevo Oko Lake (Dragon's Eye) is a seawater lake located 15 minutes on foot from the docking area, in the direction of marina Frapa. A wall of 4-24 metre high cliffs surrounds the lake. There are no obvious underwater channels connecting the lake to the ocean. Still, both lake water and seawater seep through the porous limestone. From time to time, the lake has rolled over its water column, or "boiled," as scientists put it. The occurrence of such an unusual natural phenomenon prompted the creation of numerous myths and the naming of it by the locals.


  • The historic district has your back if you're looking for a place to eat where you can sample regional cuisine. On the promenade (Riva), for instance, at the restaurant Antonijo, you can choose from many fish and meat dishes. If you are active, rent a mountain bike and challenge yourself to the many bumpy and rocky bike trails crisscrossing the area. The main reward is the view at the end!
  • Rogoznica has numerous bars and cocktail lounges where you can begin your evening with various cultural and entertaining programmes. Nightclub Admiral in Marina Frapa is one of the best places to party until the wee hours of the morning.

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