Discover the hidden gem that is Trogir, a town in the Dalmatian region. The local area offers a wide variety of exciting opportunities. Take a stroll along the waterfront and take in one of Dalmatia's most stunning vistas. Then stop in at the fish market, dine at one of the many excellent restaurants, and drink at one of the many lively bars. Or even dance the night away in the romantic setting of the stunning Kamerlengo Fortress. We're confident you'll find an event in Trogir this year that's right for you, given the wide variety on offer. Events such as concerts, plays, exhibitions, and book readings will pique your interest.

Archaeological evidence suggests that people lived in the area now occupied by Trogir as far back as the Stone Age. Still, the town can trace its origins back to a Greek colony established in the third century BC under the name "Tragurion". The town eventually became part of the Roman Empire as it expanded through Dalmatia.


  • The best thing to see in Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Construction on the cathedral began in 1213 on the site of an older cathedral. The main part of the cathedral was finished in 1250. From the top, you can see great views.
  • You can't miss the massive Kamerlengo Fortress, which dominates the skyline in this section of Trogir from its perch on the island's southwestern tip. Enjoy views of the sea, the Old Town, and the Riva from the top of the walls.
  • The KulaKula Festival is a three-day summer celebration held annually in July. The festival features concerts at various outdoor venues, including Kamerlengo Fortress.
  • Towards the end of July/beginning of August, Kamerlengo Fortress hosts the Moondance Festival, a celebration of electronic dance music.

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