Since the island of Vis served as a military base for the former Yugoslavia, it was not open to tourists until 1990. As a result, it retains all of its original Mediterranean allure. However, Vis has gained sudden international recognition in the last 20 years thanks to the success of the Hollywood film Mamma Mia! 2. The Vis Archipelago Geopark is affiliated with the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

In the past many historic naval battles were fought on and around the island, and many ships were lost there. Divers and archaeologists still find new sites, amphorae from ancient Greece and Rome, and other treasures. 

If you are interested in scuba diving, whether you have experience or none, we suggest you check out one of the local dive shops and sign up for a guided dive.

If scuba diving isn't your thing, then a trip to the Blue Cave Grotto should be at the top of your to-do list. Near the town of Komiza, on the islet of Bisevo, is a stunning natural attraction. The water's reflection of the light from the cave gives everything a gorgeous blue hue. Since the cave is so tiny, access is restricted to small boats only during favourable weather and water levels.


  • Visit the well-preserved archaeological sites such as the Ancient Greek Cemetery or the Roman Baths.
  • Take a stroll to the suburbs of Kut and admire the renaissance villas that were built there by wealthy nobles over 500 years ago.
  • Enjoy the attentive service at cosy neighbourhood eateries.

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