The second-largest city on the Dalmatian coast, Zadar, is home to what is regarded as the world's most beautiful sunset. High city walls and imposing gates enclose Old Town Zadar, filled with various ruins, museums, places to eat, and cafes. Its beautiful streets made of white marble are polished to a glistening shine by the feet of generations of people that walked these historic streets.

Zadar has been inhabited since it was founded in the 4th century, making it the oldest city in all of Croatia. The city has many attractions, including a seaside promenade and a thriving restaurant scene known for its delicious, locally sourced seafood.

Many visitors immediately fall in love with Zadar, whether they are nature lovers, history buffs, or budget travellers.

Take a stroll along the Zadar promenade (Riva) and enjoy the sunset while taking in views of the surrounding islands. According to renowned director Alfred Hitchcock, the most beautiful sunset can be seen from the location on Zadar's seafront (Riva), where the world's only sea organ is currently located. The sea organ consists of many steps that lead down into the water. 

History of Zadar

Since Zadar had developed into a central trading hub between the Romans and the Greeks, it naturally attracted the attention of the Venetians due to its strategic position and proximity to Italy.

Zadar's resilient population has been a constant throughout the city's history; despite Venice's repeated conquests, the city has always been retaken by its residents. Ultimately Venice paid the Crusaders to win the battle for Zadar, and they did, but 40 years later, they were once again toppled from power.

Visit the distinguished Archaeological Museum, which was established to collect, conserve, and display the archaeological monuments of Zadar and its surroundings. The Museum also keeps the Rotunda of Holy Trinity, which will help you learn more about the rich history of Zadar (St. Donatus Church).

This Museum is ideal for those who want to learn about Dalmatian life during the Roman era. 

Cruises to Zadar