Zlarin is a tiny island in the Šibenik Archipelago that is separated from the mainland by the Šibenik Canal The name Zlarin, derived from the Croatian word "zlato," which means golden, refers to the island's former name before it became known as the coral island.

Zlarin is a tranquil, beautiful, and welcoming destination with pristine waters, idyllic landscapes, pine forests, and secluded coves and beaches. Vehicles are banned from the island, so you can enjoy all of the peace and quiet.

Red corals are a big deal on Zlarin. As coral turns white at higher body temperatures, it has a long tradition of being given as a gift to newborn babies. Because of its colour-shifting properties, the corals had a reputation for warding off bewitchment. During the summer, when the island is bustling with visitors, there is a ceremony for the sailors who venture out into the night to collect corals. Traditional songs from the Dalmatian region are sung, and both men and women dress in regional garb. The ritual is performed to bestow good fortune upon the sailors.

We highly recommend going to one of the local churches for anyone who likes to learn about the local culture while on vacation. The Church of the Assumption of Mary and the Church of Our Lady of Raselj are two such examples.

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