The Kornati, a unique and beloved cluster of islands, can be found in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic Coast. 

The majority of the Kornati maritime zone was designated as a national park in 1980 for its remarkable landscape beauty, intriguing geomorphology, variety of the coastline, and especially for its rich biological diversity of the marine ecosystem.

The current size of Kornati National Park is 218 km2, consisting of 89 islands, islets, and cliffs with a total coastline of 239 km. Despite many islands, only a tiny fraction of the park's total area is comprised of land; the rest is classified as a marine ecosystem.

The park's main island, Kornat, which bears the name of the entire archipelago, is its most significant component. Boaters are in for a real treat when navigating the Kornati islands because they discover what they are most interested in: a sunny labyrinth of sea and islands and the tranquillity of unspoiled nature.

The vertical cliffs of the Kornati islands that drop straight into the sea are the most well-known feature of the National Park Kornati. Still, the park is home to countless other wonders and details related to its natural and cultural heritage. 

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