Makarska, a town on a Croatian peninsula, is shielded from the Adriatic Sea by the Biokovo Mountains. Makarska is a great place to visit whether you want to kick back and relax on your summer break or go on an adventure. The town of Makarska has grown in popularity over the past few years due to its convenient location halfway between the cities of Split and Dubrovnik.

Makarska, one of the oldest towns in eastern Croatia, is a port in the southern part of Dalmatia. According to excavations, human habitation of this area dates back to at least 6000 B.C. After the Illyrians had settled the site in the fourth century, the Slavs came and made their home around modern-day Makarska. Makarska would soon be subject to a succession of empires before finally achieving independence.

Makarska was a fortified town used by Omis pirates during the Middle Ages when the Ottoman Empire ruled it. In short, the Venetians took control of Makarska, and their rule was followed by the French, who arrived at a time of prosperity and growth for the city.

The construction of the first hotel in Makarska in the early 20th century set the stage for the city to become a tourist mecca, which remained throughout the 1960s and beyond.


  • There are many beaches in the Makarska area to choose from. Still, we suggest going to Baska Voda Beach, which is 10 km away but well worth the trip.
  • Makarska Promenade: Take a stroll along the water's edge while taking in the sights of the mountains and sea. Before you swim in the ocean off the promenade, make your way through the market stalls to pick up a souvenir.
  • Those interested in a challenging hike should head to the top of Sveti Jure, the tallest peak in the Biokovo Mountains, which stands at an impressive 1,762 metres above sea level. Getting to the top of Biokovo is an incredible feat in and of itself and also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After climbing Sveti Jure, you can take in the unbelievable sights along the Croatian coast and beyond.

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