Molat is located in the Zadar archipelago's northernmost region, between Ist and Sestronj. The Latin word for honey, Mellitus, is where the name "Molat" originates. The island has been famous for its honey production since ancient times. Macchia and coastal pine trees make up the bulk of Molat's forest cover, making it stand out like a lush oasis peeking through the azure blue waves of the surrounding sea.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life on this northern Dalmatian island. The main port of Zapuntel is a haven for mariners in any weather. When you get there, note the underwater cliffs between Molat and the nearby Ist Island, particularly one called Skrivalica (The One That Hides). As you settle in, you'll experience the genuine charm of the Mediterranean; Molat Island's tranquillity is unparalleled, even among the most remote wilderness areas.

Sailors, divers, adventurers, and other nature lovers who value solitude will enjoy the variety of outdoor pursuits available. Those interested in learning more about Molat's history and culture should pay a visit to Trzno. In this town square, locals gather regularly to share tales from bygone eras.


  • Complete privacy while taking a dip in the sea. Try to track down a deserted stretch of beach where you can relax to the chirping of crickets and the scent of pine trees.
  • Taste local wares, such as virgin olive oil, wine, and cheese.
  • Participate in the slow lifestyle by sharing a drink in a neighbourhood bar with a few locals and learning about their maritime experiences.

Cruises to Molat