Opatija, Croatia, an elegant tourist destination at the base of Učka Mountain, has a rich history as a tourist destination. That is a resort town constructed at the turn of the twentieth century. Still, it has managed to maintain its natural harmony right up until the present day.

The charming town of Opatija is a year-round tourist hotspot thanks to its abundance of well-kept public gardens, the illuminated 12-kilometre-long coastal promenade, cafes, villas, and hotels, as well as its shopping, event, and day trip options.

Opatija is a pioneer in medical tourism due to the town's favourable climate and the availability of Mediterranean herbs that have a curative effect on many different respiratory diseases. With its abundant natural beauty and cutting-edge spas, Opatija stands out as a top wellness destination along the Croatian Riviera. You can find a great hotel that fits your budget or needs, whether you're planning a conference or wedding or need a place to stay with your family.


  • The symbol of Opatija, the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica), can be found in Angiolina Park, a horticultural landmark in the city. The park also features Far East, South America, and Australia plants.
  • The Croatian Museum of Tourism is located in the opulent Villa Angiolina.
  • Nearby Abbey, in the Juraj porer Arts Pavilion, with a number of rotating exhibitions.
  • Opatija and Rijeka open-top double-decker city tour
  • Explore the old mediaeval town of Kastav, located on a hill near Opatija/Matulji, and its taverns, bars, and Summer cultural events, or the picturesque fisherman's village of Volosko, located just a few minutes walk from Opatija harbour.
  • Stroll down the Lungomare, a path that runs for about 12 kilometres between Volosko and Lovran.
  • For hikers: there is a roughly 3-kilometre-long hiking trail called Carmen Silva high above Opatija, and more serious hikers can choose from a number of routes that all culminate at peak Vojak atop Ucka Mountain.

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