Located in southern Croatia, the town of Slano is home to a tiny harbour in the bay of the same name. It can be found 27 kilometres northwest of Dubrovnik on the main coastal road - the famous Adriatic Coast Road. There is evidence of human habitation in the Slano region dating back to the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. Slano became part of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1399 and served as the republic's prince's seat for a short time. 

Slano is situated in a deep, protected bay, making it a great place to swim or participate in water sports. You can go windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, or even riding on a popular banana, pedal boat, gondola, or one available watercraft. 

The primary industries consist of tourism, fishing, agriculture (primarily olive and wine production), agriculture (mainly fruit production), and horticulture (primarily sage and bay leaves).

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